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Next Generation Minerals

15 April, 2017 by Van Eeghen

More natural absorption, up to 5x better bioavailability and safer? Learn about Albion Chelated Minerals...

The Choline Need

23 June, 2017 by Van Eeghen

The Choline Need: An essential nutrient with many benefits and little recognition

Spectra Finalist Nutraingredient Awards

05 March, 2017 by Van Eeghen

Spectra™ is a finalist for the 2017 NutraIngredients Ingredient of the Year Award in the Sport & Energy category

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12-14 June 2017  7th Sport & Performance Nutrition Event, Amsterdam [EXHIBITOR]

27-28 September 2017  Supply Side West, Vegas, USA [visiting]

21-23 November 2017  Food Matters Live, London, UK [EXHIBITOR]

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Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients (VEFI) is a family-owned company with more than 350 years of experience in the production and distribution of food-related items. Over the years, we have evolved into a leading international distributor of – and authority on – specialty nutraceuticals and functional ingredients.

Our ingredients   Our industries

We deliver unique branded ingredients and high-quality, cost-competitive alternatives in all these areas. Along with this, we also offer tailor-made technical and business support. This enables our customers to benefit from our in-depth industry and scientific knowledge, as well as our expertise in sourcing, product development, marketing, and supply chain management.

Innovation & Values

Through our professional network, which includes o.a. Wageningen University and Dutch agro-food partner, Food Valley, we work closely with start-ups and young, innovative companies that focus on developing the great new products and technologies of tomorrow. Through collaborations such as these, we help our customers stay one step ahead – and ensure we will remain a valuable partner to them for many years to come.