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Choline + DHA = Increased Uptake & Better Brains

04 March, 2018 by Van Eeghen

New research has shown that Choline increases the uptake of DHA and results into enhanced neurodevelopment.

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Choline + DHA = Increased Uptake & Better Brains

Choline is an essential nutrient. Just like vitamins and minerals, the body cannot produce enough choline and looks to additional dietary sources in order to avoid a deficiency disease. It is needed during all life stages, but pregnancy and infancy are the critical periods  because of the importance of choline for brain development.


The main sources of choline from diet are liver, eggs and red me at: Products that are not eaten sufficiently by young children and pregnant women. Research shows that 90% of the adults do not get sufficientcholine,  including 86% pregnant women in the western world (1).

Choline is essential in having balanced nutrition. It is necessary to complement DHA, folic acid, B vitamins and lutein (2). These components are all in relation to each other because they all link to the PEMT pathway for creating phosphatidylcholine (PC). This pathway uses DHA for PC, instead of oleic or linoleic acid which are used by the Kennedy pathway. If insufficient choline is present, folic acid is used as a replacement, leading to a risk of folic acid deficiency. PC is the essential component in the development of thebrain. Next to that, choline is also involved in constructing cell  membranes, neural transmissions, regulation of homocysteine and maintaining the liver in a healthy state.

A recent study showed that  supplementing with ~2X the amount of choline increases PEMT activity and increases the amount of DHA-PC in the erythrocyte phospholipid fraction of non-pregnant women (3).

Another study analyzed the impact of supplementation of Choline and DHA on fetal neurodevelopment . Results showed that combined supplementation of choline + DHA during normal pregnancy enhances fetal hippocampal
neurodevelopment better than supplementation of choline or DHA alone (4).

Interested to hear more?
In Geneva at Vitafoods 2018, Wednesday the 16th of May  at 14:20, Dr. Bortz (Balchem) will present an overview of the science at the New Ingredients Theatre (F4, near the entrace and New Ingredients Zone)


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