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Choline + DHA = Increased Uptake & Better Brains

04 March, 2018 by Van Eeghen

New research has shown that Choline increases the uptake of DHA and results into enhanced neurodevelopment.

What Is a True Serving?

23 October, 2017 by Van Eeghen

Deliver a clear label with substantiated serving claims from organic, whole food powders

Spectra Winner for Best Natural Ingredient for Health & Wellbeing

22 November, 2017 by Van Eeghen

Spectra™ has won the 2017 FML Awards - Best Natural Ingredient - Health & Well Being

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Spectra Finalist Nutraingredient Awards

FutureCeuticals and Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients are proud to announce that Spectra™, the clinically researched all-natural formula of fruits, vegetables, and herbs is a finalist for the 2017 NutraIngredients Ingredient of the Year Award in the Sport & Energy category.


Spectra is the new standard in antioxidant health, providing an understanding of how fruits, vegetables and herbs positively impact physiological functions in the human body. In clinical research, Spectra™ has been shown to decrease free radical (ROS) production, optimize oxygen utilization, and naturally boost nitric oxide levels within the human body. Strenuous physical activity generates high levels of ROS, which affect muscle performance and metabolism of lipids. Spectra™ naturally inhibits these free radicals, while naturally boosting nitric oxide resulting in improved blood flow to the muscles. Spectra™ has become a key component to many Sports Nutrition supplements.

The NutraIngredients Award is a global award given to recognize true innovation and cutting edge research in healthy foods, supplements and nutrition. Winners will be announced at the awards dinner and ceremony, Wednesday, May 10th in Geneva, Switzerland, after day two of Vitafoods Europe. For more information about the awards, click here.