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Next Generation Minerals

15 April, 2017 by Van Eeghen

More natural absorption, up to 5x better bioavailability and safer? Learn about Albion Chelated Minerals...

The Choline Need

23 June, 2017 by Van Eeghen

The Choline Need: An essential nutrient with many benefits and little recognition

Spectra Finalist Nutraingredient Awards

05 March, 2017 by Van Eeghen

Spectra™ is a finalist for the 2017 NutraIngredients Ingredient of the Year Award in the Sport & Energy category

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The Choline Need

Choline is a vitamin like nutrient essential for helping the body main optimum health and carry out several critical functions. And yet, plenty of the people have never heard of it.
Researchers have only recently begun to study the important role choline plays in the body, particularly for pregnant women, overweight or obese adults, older adults and athletes. They're also finding out most Americans aren't getting enough choline from their diets. And today leading government agencies are paying attention

Supplement manufacturers should be, too. " What sets choline apart from the latest hot ingredient is the international acknowledgment by government health agencies that it is an essential nutrient with well-established benefits, " said Tom Druke, director of strategic marketing at Balchem Human Nutrition and Pharma.

In fact, choline is the most recent nutrient to receive a reference daily intake (RDI) from FDA. Here's a closer look at how this mineral works to promote optimum health, the consumers who need it most, and how supplements can play a valuable role in helping them get adequate amounts.

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