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Unique & Branded Ingredients


Van Eeghen supplies several exclusive, patented & branded Ingredients, a selection of our Branded Ingredients. 
And overview of our branded ingredients can be downloaded here.

  Scientifically substantiated Choline salts with a superior quality & approved EU health claims (brochure)
  Support for Skin: an all-natural patented formula designed for Beauty from Within (brochure)
  Gluten free complex carbohydrate boosting  performance and improving taste & texture (brochure)
  A patented oat bran powder standardized on oat beta-glucans (brochure)
  A patented soluble whole grain with the smooth texture and mouth-feel of dairy or coconut cream. (brochure)
  A clinically-researched antioxidant product delivering five-dimensional free radical targeting (brochure)
  Terasante™ Whole Food Plant Proteins, carefully
standardized to a minimum of 20% protein (brochure)
  Hi-ORAC source of 100% berry antioxidants, concentrated extracts and whole-berry powders
  A vegetable Hi-Orac blend that is rich in phenolics as well as fully intact vegetable phytochemicals
  Maximize nature’s most powerful recovery aid by fueling your
next formulation with VitaCherry® Sport (brochure).
  Next generation minerals - more natural absorption, up to 5x higher bioavailability, safer and produced with a patented technology (brochure)

For more Branded, Patented and Exclusive Ingredients and how they can be beneficial and of value for your products, please contact your sales representative


Van Eegen Functional Ingredients
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Email: sales@vaneeghen.com